project volunteer

Travel with a purpose

Would you like to travel and be more than just a spectator?

Why not be part of the community where you are going? Help the people you are visiting by following Gods call to take His word known to all the nations?

Why not use your time away from work or studies to be part of our outreach to the poor? Reaching and helping people without homes, health care or schools.

Designing a building in the developing world may not be what you are used to ... bricks are made of the local mud and fired on-site, any structure made of wood is termite-food, and buildings have skirt walks to prevent torrential rains from entering.

People are gracious and may kill their only chicken to give you a special meal.

Pursuing effective cross-cultural communication, incorporating local materials and methods, maximising the use of passive ventilation and efficient building systems, and introducing improvements to common building practices are some of the challenges of an EMI project.

Are you considering volunteering your time to join a project trip?

Take a look at what you should expect to gain from the experience, and how your life and other people's lives might be changed because you took time out with a purpose...

After the Trip

When you return, you can continue your involvement through the EMI Network, including events and an annual conference. This community is interested in design issues in developing nations. It is a great place to learn practical ways of meeting design challenges around the world, and to meet other likeminded design professionals.


What qualifications do I need?

Each project is unique in its design needs, so email the project leader for the trip that interests you. See a list of EMI's upcoming project needs world wide.

Most trips have positions for volunteers with only a little experience to assist the primary designer. Some trips are more technical and need a volunteer with good experience in a certain niche. On all trips, EMI staff will guide the design so that it is the most fitting for the culture.

How much time will this require?

Your total travel time will be about 10-14 days, which includes about a week on site with the client. Our goal for each trip is to complete as much of the project as possible while in-country; however, after the project, you may be asked to complete a portion of the project work from your home. Your involvement will depend on the scope of the project and the available in-office resources.

Will I be paid?

No. Each EMI UK volunteer is asked to raise his or her own support through donations from their church, friends, and family. Trip costs vary depending on destination. Remember though that Gift Aid is recoverable on all donations to EMI UK so, providing you are a UK tax payer, this will have made a big difference to your trip costs. The majority of what you pay will likely be international air tickets. In addition, EMI requests each volunteer to become a professional member of EMI UK for at least one year.

Ready to serve?

If you are interested in serving on a project trip with EMI, please fill in our Interest Form and we'll be in touch with more information and will help you find the perfect opportunity for you to use your skills to serve

For a list of our current project trip needs, click here