A Life Changing Experience

EMI’s work is predominantly in the fields of civil engineering and architecture, therefore, most of the interns we accept are in related fields. We typically have civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, and mechanical engineers; occasionally, we will have chemical engineers or electrical engineers.

The Process

The process to become an intern begins with simply submitting an application. After the application deadline, a phone interview will be conducted. This allows us to become more familiar with you and why you want to serve with us at EMI. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know us better. Following the phone interview, correspondence begins with all of the EMI offices to determine how applicants align with the needs of each office. Approximately 2-3 weeks after the initial interview, a follow-up call occurs to discuss final decisions. Shortly after this call, interns begin the support raising process and are well on their way to joining us!

The Experience

Every intern participates in orientation and visits a developing country on a project trip. However, these activities make up only a small portion of an intern's time at EMI. Most of an intern's time is spent working in their assigned office. Interns are given varying responsibilities depending on discipline, education and experience. However, all interns will gain exposure to AutoCAD as well as interact with design professionals from a variety of disciplines. Most EMI projects have an architect and several different engineering disciplines. EMI interns work closely with their assigned project manager and the various project volunteers to help them gain a complete understanding of their project. Interns are the driving force behind the work we do at EMI. A staggering 60% of our project work is completed by interns!

The Costs

The cost of an internship varies based on the duration and location of your internship. In an effort to allow EMI to be most effective in its ministry all staff are required to cover 100% of their costs. Similarly, interns are responsible to cover all of their expenses while at EMI. The Director of the Intern Program will assist all interns with their individual support raising efforts.

Should I Apply?

EMI internships are available for engineering and architecture students that have completed at least their third year of major related studies. Many of our interns are also college graduates. EMI's work is primarily in the disciplines of civil engineering and architecture. Applicants in other disciplines are accepted with the understanding that they may not complete work in their field. Priority is given to applicants in civil and structural engineering as well as architecture, especially in our field offices. However, we still have several interns each term that are mechanical, electrical or chemical engineers. As long as they come to EMI with a servant's heart and an open mind, they leave with a life changing experience.

How do I Apply?

If you are interested in serving as an intern with EMI, please fill in our Interest Form and we'll be in touch with more information and the application forms