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Opportunity to Invest

Engineering Ministries International (EMI) is seeking sponsors for projects. These projects range in type from hospitals, orphanages and schools to water lines, wastewater systems and storm water drainage projects. Each project goes through an extensive approval process to ensure that the services provided by EMI will improve the lives of the poorest of the poor.

The cost to EMI's general fund to underwrite each project averages £4,000. Once a project is underwritten, EMI can mobilise a team of design professionals. Each team member is recruited to meet the unique design requirements for each specific project. Thereby, EMI is empowering volunteer professionals in using their skills to impact the lives of the poor. Each team produces a project report containing all information required to understand the ministry, their vision and the architectural drawings required to construct the project. EMI teams make vision a reality.

For each project underwritten at a cost of £4,000, EMI is able to give £UK 40,000 to the organisation being served. This 1 to 10 return on investment is accomplished by mobilising the in-kind services of professional volunteers including the cost of their travel; additionally EMI staff are self-supported through deputised fund raising. Add it all up and on average each underwritten project gives back £40,000.

Investors are invited to underwrite the cost of an EMI project, multiple projects, or any portion of a project. EMI multiplies your giving. EMI is a registered Charity and Gift Aid can be reclaimed at the appropriate tax rate.

Project Budget

It is EMI's goal to empower donors to participate in all or any portion of underwriting the cost of EMI projects. Thank you for considering this proposal.

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