client faqs

What kinds of services do you provide?

EMI UK provides a free of charge Charitable consultancy and design services in Architecture and Engineering for development projects. This can range from recommendations or advice to detailed construction documents. The typical service is the publication of conceptual design to construction documents which are used for planning, fundraising, and ultimately construction purposes. We also provide Disaster Response services in various capacities. The exact range of any such service will be determined through discussion between EMI UK and the ministry applying for the service.

Do you fund building projects?

No. EMI UK does not fund projects nor act as a funding agent. EMI UK provides free design services to approved development projects, giving you the tools you need to fundraise, share the vision of your project, or eventually proceed to construction.

How long does a project take?

EMI UK approves and schedules projects in a queue system as applications arrive. It is typical for us to have a 6 to 10 month long queue. Once the project trip takes place, publishing conceptual design or construction documents takes 2 to 4 months. Although there is no cost for the service, the waiting time is essentially a cost you are asked to bear to receive the service. We believe this service for your project is well worth the wait.

What do you require from us?

The completed application allows us to begin considering your project in our schedule. The application describes more fully the terms and conditions of receiving EMI UK design service. One of the two main terms is a basic hospitality agreement requesting that you provide food, lodging, and in-country transport for the design team during their visit to your site. The second is that the ministry help cover the cost of the team leader's airfare.

How do I apply?

Email us at for further information and to discuss your needs.