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Mobilising volunteers to make a difference EMI works through partnerships with local churches, Christian organisations, and charities who are serving the poor and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Recipient organisations provide two weeks of food, lodging and in-country transportation for our teams, as well as the cost of one international airfare for our staff project leader. The rest of the project costs (approximately £UK 28,000) are covered by EMI, including salaries, travel, design costs, and project overheads. By mobilising volunteers to design the bulk of our projects, we keep our overheads low and deliver cutting-edge designs that are cost-effective, can be constructed locally, and meet the needs of our partners.

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EMI actively recruits volunteers from a growing network of over 9,000 design professionals from around the world. These talented professionals find fulfilment and satisfaction in using their God-given talents to make a difference in the world. Our two-week long project trips are a life-changing experience.